Welcome To D2S Ski School

We are a waterskiing school

We are focused on beginner and intermediate skiers. We want to bring lake fun and a passion for waterskiing to the greater, Chattanooga Area.

When we talk about water skiing there are three critical elements that we bring:

  • Fun
  • Skill Improvement
  • Confidence Building

About us

We were two guys having fun with friends, kids, families sharing the joy of water skiing. We took a few trips to Florida to learn how to ski a slalom course, now we are hooked and spend over 100 days each summer telling jokes, sipping coffee at sunrise, and swerving through a slalom course. We have studied the sport and learned from world champions, allowing us to share our knowledge and grow your ability.

Our school is right for those
  • That are first time water skiers, and have never been on two skis
  • If you want to lose the 2nd water ski, and try to learn to slalom ski for the first time
  • A slalom skier, who has never had any lessons and wants to learn to ski a slalom course
  • Maybe it has been 10+ years, and you are ready to try the sport again
  • Or finally a skier who is without a boat, and really wants to get reps in behind a world renowed competition ski boat
  • Any age, any ability – just have to have a willingness to learn

  • All you need is a bathing suit and a towel
  • We provide the equipment and teach you not only the basics, but how to be safe

Our rates included private pick up at the Lee Pike Boat Ramp, 1902 Lee Pike, Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379, or we can make alternative arrangements

Our goal in creating a ski school is to combine fun and progression on the water. We want to see you improve and help build your confidence. Our laid back approach to learning to insure not only will you learn more than you thought possible, but also have the time of your life doing it.

Skill Improvement


Confidence Building


Waterski Lesson 100$

6-8 Course Passes: $ 85

Group / Hourly Charters With Instructor

Lake, boat and coach dedicated to you or your group.

$275 per hour

Half Day (3 hours) $675

Happy Students!

Meet the Coaches

Always aim to Inspire, Encourage, Teach and Motivate.

Our Coaches Mark, Frank, and Our School Mascot Willow.

Mark Huber started skiing when he was 8 years old, and has been about as miles behind a boat wheel as he does of a car at age 50. Mark grew up a military brat living all over the United States skiing many lakes. Possum Creek was always his favorite, and he finally settled in his retirement house in home in 2021 on Possum Creek. Mark has been to several water ski schools learning from the champions and he can ski, wakeboard, show ski, surf, trick, foil, more or less anything that can be pulled behind a boat.

Frank Dixon also a military brat started skiing later in life in his fifties. He has caught up fast though, spending maximum time on trick skis, slalom skis, show skis, surf board, wake boards, more or less anything as well that can be pulled behind a boat. He brings real inspiration to our team, as not only has been to some of the best skis schools in the world, he demonstrates that it is never too late to ski and be the best. He ensures humor and smiles on the faces of students.

Willow is our trusty golden retriever coach. Her job is bring smiles and joy to all faces with loving licks, slobbery kisses, and a nice cuddle after a set. She sits proudly watching students ensuring their fun and safety.

Spend Your Fun Times at the D2S Ski School

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Our Boats

We operate two boats. A 1982 Ski Nautique and 2022 Mastercraft Pro Star. Nautique and Mastercraft make the finest ski boats on the planet.

The 1982 Ski Nautique is like stepping back in time to the golden era of water skiing, whether remembering the Cypress Garden Ski Show or Childhood memories. This classic boat is in pristine condition even with the original teak wood throttle knob. It is a classic ski boat and always brings people to see it when parked at the local marina.

The ProStar has remained unmatched for over 50 years now. Put simply, the ProStar is the highest performing inboard ski boat ever created. Our 2022 ProStar is the perfect boat to guide you through both of our pristine lake and slalom course. With 373 Hp in a 6.0 Liter Engine, and the latest control technology, there is no ski boat out there that can match the flat wakes and superior handling. We also use the boat quite a bit to teach kids and beginners the fundamentals of wakeboarding, kneeboarding or two ski water skiing. The wake is significantly smaller, and can be a real confidence booster for those just starting out.

Our Lake

Possum Creek is fed by the Big Possum and Little Possum Creek. Possum Creek is a small lake that feeds into the Chickamauga Reservoir. This reservoir is on the Tennessee River just north of Chattanooga. The reservoir stretches 59 miles upriver from the dam to Watts Bar Dam.

Chickamauga Reservoir is named after a tribe of Native Americans that broke away from the Cherokee Nation in the 1700s. They lived in villages along North Chickamauga Creek, which joins the river just below Chickamauga Dam. The reservoir is popular for fishing, boating, and swimming. There are boat ramps on the reservoir and canoe access points on North Chickamauga Creek.

A beautiful lake to enjoy natures beauty, and the small lake provides superb water ski conditions.

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